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A dog being vaccinated

How Much Do Dog Vaccinations Cost?How Much Do Dog Vaccinations Cost?


Like kids, dogs require certain vaccinations on a yearly basis to protect them against serious and potentially fatal diseases. While most pet owners are familiar with the concept of annual shots, some may not be aware of what these preventative vaccines typically cost on a routine basis. Prices can vary based on your geographic location, veterinarian, and specific vaccines administered. Here we break down the common vaccines dogs receive annually and what to budget for these wellness visits.


Core Vaccines

There are a handful of “core” vaccines most vets recommend administering to dogs each year:

Rabies – Preventing the rabies virus is required by law in most regions. Cost is typically $15-$25 per dose.

DA2PP – This combination vaccine protects against critical illnesses:

  • Distemper – Highly contagious, often fatal virus
  • Adenovirus – Severe liver disease
  • Parvovirus – Deadly and prevalent gastrointestinal infection
  • Parainfluenza – Severe respiratory infection
  • Cost is generally $25-$35

Bordetella – Commonly known as “kennel cough”, this respiratory bacterial disease is highly transmissible. The vaccine runs $15-$25.

Leptospirosis – Bacterial disease spread by wildlife that damages organs and causes fever. Pricing averages $15-$25 per vaccine.


A dog being vaccinated


Non-Core Vaccines

Depending on risk, your vet may suggest these additional vaccines annually:

Lyme Disease – Recommended for dogs in tick-prone regions. Costs between $30-$40.

Canine Influenza – For at-risk dogs, this prevents flu strains like H3N8. Average cost is $35-$50.

Rattlesnake – In rattlesnake territory, this minimizes venom reactions. $25-$35 per dose.

Giardia, Coronavirus – May be advised for susceptible dogs costing $15-$30 each.


A dog being vaccinated


Average Annual Cost of Core & Common Non-Core Vaccines

To summarize typical pricing, the average annual cost for recommended vaccines falls in the range of $140-$200 based on the following scenario:

Rabies – $20 DA2PP – $30 Bordetella – $20 Leptospirosis – $20 Lyme – $35

That covers core and common non-core vaccines for the average adult dog in most regions of the country. Puppies may incur slightly higher initial series costs.

Knowing what to budget for these annual wellness shots allows dog owners to be prepared and keep their four-legged friends protected year after year. Staying current on all advised vaccinations is the best way to keep your canine companion healthy and safe from preventable but serious diseases. Discuss your dog’s unique needs with your trusted vet annually.

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