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Why Do Dogs Like to Cuddle?Why Do Dogs Like to Cuddle?


Few things make dogs happier than cozying up for a good cuddle with their beloved humans. From puppies to senior dogs, that pure joy of snuggling up close persists throughout our canine companions’ lives. Understanding the science and psychology behind why dogs love to cuddle so much can help us bond with them.


Cuddling Releases “Feel Good” Hormones

Petting, stroking, hugging and snuggling a dog releases oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin in both dog and human. These neurotransmitters produce feelings of trust, pleasure, affection, joy and overall emotional wellbeing for dogs. The comfort of cuddling activates their reward centers. Some key hormones released when cuddling and their effects include:

  • Oxytocin – Promotes bonding, trust and contentment. Alleviates stress.
  • Dopamine – Provides feelings of pleasure, comfort and happiness.
  • Serotonin – Boosts relaxation, positive emotional states and sense of wellbeing.

Through this hormonal response, close physical contact brings psychological comfort and contentment to dogs. The act of cuddling itself feels inherently rewarding.




Provides Warmth and Security

The warmth, soothing physical contact and enclosed, protected space created when cuddling with their human caregivers is comforting to dogs. It taps into their instincts to feel safe and regulated when huddling closely or curling up tightly. Key elements that make cuddling feel secure include:

  • Warmth – Helps maintain ideal core temperature and circulation.
  • Physical contact – Being touched transmits calming neurochemicals and a sense of togetherness.
  • Enclosed space – Allows dogs to feel enveloped, hidden and less vulnerable to perceived threats.
  • Familiar scent – Smelling their cherished human’s familiar aroma is reassuring.

Cuddling gives dogs a multisensory experience of total security.


Social Fulfillment of Bonding Needs

The instinct for social contact and bonding is deeply ingrained in dogs as pack animals. Cuddling allows them to fulfill innate needs to:

  • Express affection physically
  • Strengthen social bonds through dedicated one-on-one time and touch
  • Reaffirm their belonging in the family or “pack”
  • Receive undivided attention from their special human
  • Solidify their role or status through inclusion in bonding rituals

Satisfying social drives for acceptance and belonging is a key perk dogs gain from cuddling.




Individual Factors That Increase Dogs’ Snuggling Desires

While all dogs are capable of enjoying cuddling, certain individual factors can make some dogs extra snuggly:

  • Puppies removed early from littermates crave more physical bonding.
  • Dogs with anxious, fearful or insecure temperaments seek comfort through contact.
  • Arthritic or elderly dogs may find the warmth soothing for aching joints.
  • Submissive or velcro dogs feel safer staying near their “leader.”
  • Breed tendencies like lapdogs engineered to be companions play a role.

So while cuddling meets universal social needs in dogs, those lacking confidence or with clingy dispositions often have greater snuggling urges.


Tips For Quality Cuddle Time with Your Dog

To make cuddling time with your dog as mutually enjoyable as possible:

  • Have relaxing designated snuggle sessions, like when watching TV or reading.
  • Pick areas your dog likes, whether furniture, dog beds or the floor.
  • Gently stroke or massage your dog rather than overly restraining.
  • Watch for signs your dog is done, like squirming away or avoidance.
  • Allow access to water, potty breaks and comfortable room temperature.

Prioritizing peaceful quality time together enhances the relaxing and bonding benefits of cuddle time for you both!



Science confirms that dogs absolutely love to cuddle thanks to the pleasurable hormones and sense of comfort and security it brings. By making cozy snuggle sessions a regular part of your quality time together, you can deepen your bond and meet your dog’s innate social needs in an enjoyable, healthy way for all involved. So go ahead and squeeze in some extra cuddle time – your dog will certainly thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Why Dogs Like Cuddling

Do all dogs enjoy cuddling and close physical contact?

Most do, thanks to instincts to bond and feel security through touch. But individual preferences vary based on temperament. Respect if your dog seems more independent.

Is it unhealthy if my dog wants to cuddle all the time?

Frequent cuddling is natural behavior signaling a secure bond between dog and human. Enjoy the positive reinforcement of your connection. But ensure your dog also feels comfortable alone at times.

Why do some dogs not enjoy cuddling as much?

Breed traits, early life experiences, confidence levels, and simple individual personality all play a role. They still bond with you in other ways. Give them space if they prefer less handling.

Why do dogs often like to sleep or sit touching you?

Sitting or sleeping in direct physical contact maintains that soothing skin-to-skin oxytocin release. It also keeps you close for safety and bonding.

Is it positive or negative if my dog always wants to cuddle with me?

This desire for frequent close contact is a sign of a strong attachment and bond between dog and caregiver. Enjoy the special friendship, providing ample cuddle time.

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