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The Right Way to Wash Your Dog’s BedThe Right Way to Wash Your Dog’s Bed


Despite your best efforts tidying floors and upholstery after messy pups, over time their plush dog beds inevitably accumulate dirt, odors and shed fur penetrating the cozy depths. Knowing best practices washing stuffed dog beds without destroying shapes, zippers or support comes in handy keeping your four-legged friend feeling pampered. Follow these simple stuffed bed cleaning tips sparing favorite snuggle zones from the trash bin prematurely.


Read All Label Instructions

Surprisingly enough, not all dog beds clearly convey washing guidance despite expecting pups to sleep soundly while drooling, shedding and trailing the outdoors in with them! Check sewn tags or online product descriptions for explicit instructions on YOUR specific model’s size, materials, cleaning requirements or warranty coverage around damage from improperly washing. This step prevents oopsies.


Surface Clean Regularly

Between periodic deep cleaning wash cycles, keep beds fresher with surface smoothers like lint rollers or carpet rakes removing excess hair regularly before it burrows deep. Spot clean minor spills/stains immediately dabbing gently just that area rather than over-wetting whole beds unnecessarily if avoidable based on area rugs practices.


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Know What NOT To Do

Assume beds contain foam, fibers and materials sensitive to certain cleaning agents or regimes:

  • NO soaking whole beds if avoidable
  • NO bleach, detergents with whiteners/brighteners or oxygenated formulas
  • NO fabric softeners or dryer sheet chemicals leaving residues
  • NO wringing, twisting, high heat drying or commercial machines meant for robust laundry

Harsh chemicals and handling fatigue integrity of stuffed beds faster.


Wash Carefully on Gentle Cycles

Following label guidance, pour cleaning agents meant for delicates directly onto stained areas working it gently across only that region unless entire bed needs washing. Allow soaking if recommended. Rinse twice removing all soap residues. Refrain from overloading machines creating bunching and tangling risks – use larger commercial units if very sizable dog beds. Protect zippers fully fastening during cycles.

Let Thoroughly Air Dry

While machine drying beds on low seems convenient for faster turnover, allowing stuffed dog beds 7+ hours minimum spread open air drying better preserves bed longevity minimizing breakdowns, unsightly clumping and potential mildew risks from trapped inner moisture. Return fully dry beds to your dog’s designated lounging spot.

With extra care and attention given construction needs, dog beds withstand many washes keeping pups cozily curled up without requiring too-frequent replacement saving you money. Prioritize quality from day one and properly care for investments paying off in extended usable life!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I spot treat stains using carpet cleaner formulas?

As long as enzyme-based cleaners rated safe for pet bedding get fully rinsed afterward, spot treating localizes cleaning without overly wetting entire beds. Just avoid harsh solvents and stick to gentle cleaners compatible with bed materials.

Where is the best place to air dry washed dog beds?

Indoors in well-ventilated, climate-controlled rooms speeds drying exponentially faster than humid, hot garages allowing possible moisture and mildew risks. Drape over multiple chairs or safeguard drying beds blocked off in dog-free rooms.

How do I clean cheap disposable plush beds?

Unfortunately, basic big box store value beds contain glues, low-density foams and fabricated fibers unsuitable for any wetness. Your best bet remains gently brushing dirt out between replacement cycles as affordable options anticipate shorter usable lifespan under spot cleaning damage risks.

Take proactive steps prolonging preferred dog beds’ longevity cycle after cycle through proper seasonal laundering and air drying keeping pups contentedly slumbering the years away. Value quality construction accommodating care right from day one.

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