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Dog Mat Training: Teach Your Dog Target Training with MatsDog Mat Training: Teach Your Dog Target Training with Mats

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Beyond sit and stay obedience, teaching dogs to reliably settle onto designated floor mats builds invaluable lifelong skills generalizing well-mannered behavior into real world settings. Whether redirecting rowdy pups at the vet, securing polite greetings, or providing a portable “safe zone” calming anxiety, mastering mat training basics unlocks practical solutions for noteworthy conduct.


How Mat Training Works

Essentially a specific type of targeting training, mat-focused skills condition dogs to promptly lie down upon specific mats you indicate through voice cues, hand signals or mat tapping. Practicing this simple yet versatile settled behavior forms lifelong habits preparing dogs to calmly collect themselves nearly anywhere a mat gets placed, even amidst distracting environments.


Key Advantages of Mat Dog Training

Having a designated portable settling spot offers multiple advantages:

  • Focuses excited energy
  • Redirects inappropriate behavior
  • Provides automatic redirection
  • Portable safety zone for anxiety
  • Keeps dogs in sight when needed
  • Improves manners around resources
  • Sets foundation for public access

The mat essentially designates a convenient time-out comfort station wherever required.


dog on mat


How to Train It

With plentiful treats, patient practice and a designated mat like a towel, bath mat or machine-washable pet bed:

  • Show and reward standing/sitting on the mat built up through repetition into voluntarily laying down through hand target and verbal cues.
  • Add the cue “Go to Your Mat” once the behavior consistently links to the mat itself.
  • Gradually increase distraction levels and distances – well-earned rewards keep motivations high mastering this in many environments.

In combination with solid stays and impulse control, dogs generalize mat skills easily long-term.

Real World Mat Applications

Take mats anywhere furtherProofing polite habits apply off home turf too:

  • Car waits
  • Veterinary office calmness
  • Meeting unfamiliar guest dogs
  • Settling at outdoor restaurants
  • Hotel room relaxation
  • Greeting newcomers politely
  • Kennel decompression post boarding

Let the mat magicworkflow giving dogs and handlers an instant time-in space nearly anywhere!


dog on mat


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy special training mats?

Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Home Goods often sell affordable machine-washable human yoga mats working perfectly. Or check pet supply retailers for designated dog training mats in various fabrics.

Instead of a mat, can I use a dog bed or bath mat?

Absolutely – dogs don’t care what texture or style functions as their designated spot. Aim for easily washed materials with decent grip. Just stay consistent using one mat in training phases so cues solidly associate.

How does mat training help reactive dogs?

Having dogs automatically go “park” on their mats when triggers appear keeps them focused on a familiar job they can succeed at rather than fixating on strangers, dogs, noises eliciting unwanted reactions. It breaks emotional tunnel vision.

Gift good dogs a versatile lifelong skill putting personalized “magic carpets” for manners down anywhere at anytime using portable, washable mats making training sticks practically second nature!

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