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Eye Drops for DogsEye Drops for Dogs


Dogs experience many of the same eye irritations as people – dryness, itchiness, swelling, discharge or redness after dust, dirt or debris blows into unprotected peepers. You likely have over-the-counter eye drops like Visine or Clear Eyes handy to soothe your own irritation when needed. But can you safely use such human eye relief products in doggie eyes too or do veterinary formulations better suit canine anatomy? Let’s compare options addressing doggie eye issues.


Risks of Human Eye Drops for Dogs

While a tiny bit of human artificial tear solution briefly rinsed across eyes won’t likely harm dogs, certain risks still exist:

  • Many contain tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride for redness relief – toxic causing low blood pressure/temperature in dogs if absorbed into the bloodstream because it inhibits adrenaline.
  • Dogs blink only 1/3rd as often as humans, failing to flush out solutions well before more absorption occurs.
  • Dogs rub eyes more often with dirty paws, risking secondary eye infection.

Overall, dogs’ bodies process medications and chemicals differently, making human antihistamine eye drops generally inappropriate for treating canine ocular conditions unless under veterinary guidance.


Dog's eyes


Veterinarian-Recommended Dog Eye Drops

Instead, vets typically prescribe or recommend over-the-counter eye relief products designed specifically for dog physiology, often containing gentle cleansing agents like:

  • Saline solution – Soothes and hydrates
  • Artificial tear gel – Lubricates scratchy dryness
  • Steroid drops – Reduces inflammation
  • Antibiotic drops – Treats bacterial infection
  • Tear stimulant drops – Boosts natural protection

These provide relief matching dogs’ pH while avoiding risks of toxic reactions. Follow all label dosing instructions carefully. Seek veterinary guidance selecting the right ocular remedy for your dog’s particular eye issue. Don’t just guess with home symptom matching and human medicine sharing. Customized prescription strengths often work best under vet monitoring.


When to Give Dog Eye Drops

In minor cases of irritation, flush gently with saline or Vetericyn ophthalmic gel. For ongoing redness, squinting or pawing at eyes, however, promptly consult your vet to pinpoint the underlying trigger, identify any injury or infection and direct appropriate medication. Catching ocular conditions early optimizes comfortable healing. Follow all label instructions diligently once sent home with prescription eye drops to ensure the full treatment course succeeds.

Never take chances or delay when it comes to precious dog vision. While human eye drops might seem a convenient emergency fix, specialized veterinary formulas treat dogs’ eyes safer and kinder. Trust the doggie drops for doggie eyes only!


Dog's eyes


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use contact lens solution to clean my dogs’ eyes?

Avoid contact solutions as the chemicals cleansers prove harsher than dog eye washes. However, sterile saline contact solution makes a good emergency eye flush if running low on Vetericyn until you can reach your vet.


How do I get eye drops in my squirmy dog’s eyes?

Have an assistant gently hold your dog’s head steady. Pull down the lower eyelid to form a pocket, drop solution inside, then hold lid shut for a minute massaging gently to spread fluid across eye surface. Reward patience!


How often should I apply prescription eye drops?

Follow your veterinarian’s instructions precisely regarding quantity and frequency, spacing evenly throughout the day. Setting phone alarms helps remember scheduling without under/over medicating. Complete the full course even if eyes look cleared up sooner.

Don’t take pawing, rubbing, clouding or red eyes lightly – consult your vet to address eye issues promptly and directly. Trust products designed specifically for canine care rather than taking chances with human formulations. Here’s to keeping sweet doggie gazes glowing bright!

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